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I live in the south east of England.  Living in my seaside town has given me the chance to explore different aspects of the creative arts with it's interesting sites, and features it provides, as well as being a great place to chill out like the beach, parks, and woodland.

Art background

I started drawing since I was a child, my Dad did allot of pencil drawings, and that inspired me also to draw.  My senior school noticed my talent for drawing, this was when I started to be more creative, and investigate different mediums such as water colour, pastel, charcoal.  

Throughout my child hood my equal passion was music, I grew up in the digital age of the 80's from which artist like kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, which inspired me to learn the keyboard, this I did, and kept doing so till this very day.  I produce music for my websites, and for fun with software called Propellerhead Reason 6.

My Art has taken front stage in my hobbies, and has moved from traditional to digital over the last 7 years.  Iv developed a keen interest in 3D graphics, both the modelling aspect to Digital sculpting.  My choice of Digital sculpting software was Pixologic Zbrush, and by means of this application have I taken deeper interest in the Anatomy of the human form.

Over the past 3 years iv taken Anatomy more serious by studying Anatomy from Books, and photos such as Eliot Goldfinger human anatomy for artists, www.3d.sk, Posespace.com, Virtual Pose 4 book, Scott Spenser Zbrush Anatomy book.

During 2012 I decided to take my study further by enrolling in a advanced class with Scott Eaton’ as a full enrolment student for (Anatomy for Artist).  Also during this year I attended a Master class with Zack Petroc (Rhythms and Gestures).  In 2013 I attended another Master class with Zack Petroc discovering the art of drapery, and cloth, covering costume design.

Eliot Goldfinger (The Elements of Form) books has been a great study, and continues to be used from day to day.

Personal Goals and Achievements

My goal has always been to express myself via my art and music.  I have always looked at the best, and desired to be at a level of the best out there.  I have a natural need to understand things in depth, and to explore my inner strengths a living being.

I get great pleasure in teaching, and helping others, in doing so have come to understand that this has been one of the core ways to improve, retain, and progress as a artist.  I wish for others to look at my work, and feel the same as I do when I look at some of the great works iv seen.  I know that one day I will get my work shown in the most popular galleries as editor choices.  The ultimate goal is to share, teach, and learn.


My philosophy to progress

Be the best you can be

What does it take for you to become great!, Not just ok, but great!, And what  do you define as great anyway?  

We all have potential to be great at what ever we have a desire for, but of course there are some who just ooze talent, that pick things up at a  extraordinary pace to others.  

This however does not mean that if you don’t progress at this same rate, you should assume that you cant be as great as those who inspire you, that’s simply not true.

If you desire something enough you will learn, and continue to learn. Passion is what drives you, and greatness comes to those who strive for it

Just the tools for the job

Do you paint, draw, sculpt?  What ever you do, it all aids in producing art, but there are different sets of  tools we use for each of these artistic methods.  Learn, and know your tools well, this allows you to stretch them, push their limits, so you can become more creative with them.

As a beginner,don’t think that you need the most expensive tools, find a balance where quality, and features allow you to express yourself.  

If you can afford nothing but the best tools, remember these are still only tools, you are the artist, become a better Artist, not a collector of tools

Know your tools About Me

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